Stump Grinding/Branch Chipping

Stump Grinding

Using purpose built machines we can grind tree stumps and roots with ease. Our smallest machine is only 700mm wide and weighs less than 300kg, so if your stump is in the rear of your property through a pedestrian gate then we should be able to access it. Give us a call and we can soon tell you if it is an option to remove the stump. We have a bigger machine for those bigger stumps, however being dual wheeled it travels across turf areas without doing any damage to your lawn.
The design of the machines means we can grind stumps even when situated next to pathways, or valuable trees and shrubs.


Branch Chipping

We process all branches through our brushwood chippers. We can chip branches up to a diameter of 200mm, which means that if you remove the firewood from your tree, we should be able to deal with the rest of problem.
Some clients want to remove their own trees. Give us a call and we can put all your branches through our chipper. This results in a pile of mulch that can then be returned to your garden to provide weed suppression and moisture retention. If we chip your branches and you don’t have enough to cover your garden, talk to us about delivering a load to your place. See the landscape products page for details on this product.
It’s all about recycling, reusing and looking after the environment.


p_1.jpg David James recycles all  tree prunings through  brushwood chippers creating a reusable mulch to assist with soil moisture retention and weed suppression.

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