David James is Marlborough's pre-eminent tree company providing for all your tree care needs. 


Regular pruning is your most effective form of tree maintenance. Pruning is often desirable or necessary to remove dead, diseased, or dangerous branches and to improve tree structure, enhance vigour, or maintain safety.

Professional pruning can also add charm and character to your garden plants. Removing the lower branches of a shrub or tree, for example, creates light and space for under planting and can also reveal attractive bark or branch structures.

You can create focal points in your garden by thinning to add character and grace to a formless tree or shrub. Thinning will highlight the branch structure and allow in more light.
Proper technique is essential. Our arborists are skilled in the latest tree care techniques; they know how to use the correct pruning cuts to avoid damage to your trees.

Reducing the height or spread of a tree is one of the most common requests from our residential clients. There are recommended arboricultural techniques to do this. Trees that have been reduced properly will maintain their structural integrity and form and the frequency of future pruning is reduced.



Efficient, safe and tidy, these three words say it all. Experience and specialist knowledge and equipment mean that David James arborists remove unwanted or unsafe trees quickly and efficiently without damage to surrounding property or plantings.

Our staff are trained in the use of rigging equipment to remove trees and branches positioned over buildings and structures. We also have experience in crane removals.
Our height access equipment – tree climbing harness and ropes, and EWPs (Elevated Working Platforms) allow us to get to the best position in the tree to safely undertake all removal tasks.

Pests and Diseases

Being trained and qualified arborists means we can give you advice on the best way to deal with pest and disease problems. This could mean looking at a tree’s overall health and/or focusing on a specific pest or disease.

If your plants require spraying we can carry this out for you. We use a motorised knapsack, and with the addition of our Elevated Working Platform we can reach the complete canopy of your tree.
Our staff are ‘Growsafe’ trained and the company holds an approved handlers’ certificate.


David James has the capacity to shift large established trees and palms. We have specially built shifting frames to lift and shift trees with a trunk diameter at ground level up to 300mm.
The company has considerable experience in shifting large palms; those planted on the Grove Road frontage of the Railway Station are an example.




The team at David James is available to provide comprehensive and objective appraisal, evaluation and counsel for arboricultural issues, including tree reports, tree health appraisals, representation in court, and advice on tree and neighbour issues.

We have the following qualified arborists available to assist you in consultancy:
David James National Certificate in Arboriculture (NZ), Certificate in Tree Surgery (UK), ISA Certified Arborist, owner and director of the company and,
Timothy Lovejoy also a fully qualified consulting Arborist, National Diploma in Arboriculture, National Certificate in Arboriculture (NZ), ISA Certified Arborist, ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, STMS.

Specimen Trees

For a varied selection of larger grade specimen trees both, exotic and native, come and see the town’s biggest range and quantity of trees on one site. Most of our trees are in pb40 and 45L bags (pb = pint bag, L= litre), with a smaller selection grown to a bigger size in 200L bags.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our professionalism and your satisfaction.


p_1.jpg David James recycles all  tree prunings through  brushwood chippers creating a reusable mulch to assist with soil moisture retention and weed suppression.

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