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Specimen Trees

For a varied selection of larger grade specimen trees both exotic and native come and see the town’s biggest range and quantity of trees on one site. Most of our trees are in Pb40 and 45L bags (Pb = pint bag, L= litre), with a smaller selection grown to a bigger size in 200L bags.
We offer a planting service and can provide a quotation for this.
We recommend double staking all our specimen trees until the root system establishes itself which is usually 2 – 3 years.
Call us for information on tree availability, size, etc. Below are listed the standard range, this is not a definitive list.

Acer – Maple, Cornus - Dogwood, –Liriodendron – Tulip tree, Quercus – Oak,
Aesculus – Chestnut, Fagus – European Beech, Magnolia – Evergreen and deciduous, Robinia – Honey Locust, Albizzia – Silk tree, Fraxinus - Ash, Melia – Indian bead tree, Schinus – Peppertree,
Alder, Ginkgo – Maidenhair, Pittosporum, Sophora – Kowhai, Arbutus – Strawberry tree, Gleditsia, Platanus – plane, Taxus – Yew,
Betula – silver birch, Koelreuteria – Golden rain tree, Podocarpus – Totara, Tilia – Lime,
Camellia, Lauris – Bay, Prunus – Flowering Cherry, Trachycarpus – Fan palm,
Citrus, Liquidambar, Pyrus – Weeping pear, Ulmus – Elm.


Trellis panels are a versatile and attractive method of defining and adding a new dimension to garden spaces. Trellis has been used in gardens for centuries to provide many different functions, for example; increasing privacy, screening unsightly areas, training plants and shrubs, architectural value, creating ‘rooms’ in the garden or simply providing additional interest.

We build trellis at our workshop from treated timber and manufacture a standard range of panels. We are also able to make custom trellis to order.
We also have the capability to manufacture garden arbors and make panels for garden gazebos and have done so on several occasions. All this and more can be offered by David James. We welcome Private and Commercial clients alike for individual projects, repeat orders and contractual supplies.
All panels can be collected by the client direct from our workshop or delivered within the local area.
Our professional quality trellis and arbors will beautify your garden or be a practical solution.


David James has recently acquired the agency for Horizon International. They offer the largest range of quality paving in New Zealand. With the full complement of paving products, clay paving, concrete paving, flag pavers and Natural Stone. All paving backed up with over 30 years of knowledge and expert paving advice.
For all aspects of your paving requirements, supply, supply and install, Horizon through its agency with David James has the products and knowledge to assist.


A byproduct of our work is the production of mulch. This is an ideal product to spread on your garden. We recommend a layer between 50 – 100mm thick. Mulch should be kept away from the trunks and stems of plants. The two major benefits of mulch are soil moisture retention and weed suppression. Our mulch is a mixture of bark, wood, and leaves. The leaves have usually broken down by the time mulch is recycled back onto the ground. Our mulch is over four months old when it is sold. By this time it has decomposed enough that it won’t rob your soil of nitrogen, as fresh mulch would. If you do have to apply fresh mulch then we recommend the addition of a fertiliser that is high in nitrogen, such as urea, or blood and bone.
Need some topsoil for your landscape project? We can help with your requirements. We can also deliver to your site. Ask us for a quote.

Christmas trees

Our company has been associated with supplying fresh Christmas trees to Marlborough residents for over ten years.  Christmas trees are ready now.
Tagging days are the Saturdays from mid November onwards. Come out and reserve your tree, then return when it suits you during December to pick up your tree. We will cut it for you. Take it home, hang the decorations and wait for the presents to start appearing.
We recommend re cutting the base before you place the tree in a bucket of water. Doing this will enable the tree to stay fresh for the longest period, maybe even to the twelfth day of Christmas.

The trees have been regularly trimmed to encourage a bushy habit. We have all sizes available from small trees suitable for a flat to big tall trees for those with large rooms and a high stud.


Check out our new range of chunky seating. Made from treated timber our solid seats won’t blow away in the first strong winds. They are stained with natural colours such as oak.


p_1.jpg David James recycles all  tree prunings through  brushwood chippers creating a reusable mulch to assist with soil moisture retention and weed suppression.

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