Designing with Henriette Jennings

Landscape Architect at David James Landscapes

Every great garden begins at the design stage. From new build landscaping plans to renovating the smallest corner of an existing garden. Drawing up a plan opens an important line of communication. It allows me as the designer to articulate my ideas clearly, it gives the client an opportunity to visualise the project and it provides our Landscaping division with a clear outline to follow when it comes to the build.

A born and bred local I graduated with a Bachelor of Design: Landscape Architecture from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia before I hightailed it home to Blenheim. I have been designing gardens all over Marlborough for the past 5 years and have developed an exceptional understanding of plants, what thrives locally, what stays looking good and even where to purchase the best quality plants in bulk.

I love to experiment and push the boundaries in garden design. I believe that in New Zealand we often fall into the same unimaginative patterns when it comes to our gardens, where internationally there is so much to be inspired by and draw from. I find the designs that are most well received are usually the ones that introduce a new idea the client may not have seen before. I aim to raise the standard of gardens in Marlborough, moving away from tired and outdated traditions. Between Steve and I we are experts at bringing unique concepts to life.

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p_1.jpg David James recycles all  tree prunings through  brushwood chippers creating a reusable mulch to assist with soil moisture retention and weed suppression.

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